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Advocacy is one of the core parts of SPCC's mission. As a single voice of hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations across Colorado, SPCC is able to effect change among policymakers and ensure that suicide prevention and mental health stay on the legislative agenda.

Email info@suicidepreventioncolorado.org to get put on the SPCC advocacy email list, and stay up-to-date on issues involving suicide prevention and mental health policy.

Advocacy Action Alert

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado is supporting a bill called the Zero Suicide Model.

What this bill would do: The Zero Suicide Model (ZS) is based on the premise that suicide is most often preventable for those persons in care of the health/mental health system. We do not expect to eliminate suicide, but to significantly decrease the number of suicidal persons who “fall through the cracks.” The Office of Suicide Prevention (OSP) in CDPHE will work with OBH, DORA, and HCPF to better use existing data to understand suicide and how it can be prevented; these data will also serve as a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of ZS. A range of health/behavioral health systems will be encouraged to adopt the 7 tenants of ZS:

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Identification and Assessment
  • Patient Engagement
  • Treatment
  • Transition
  • Quality Improvement 
Click here to download the Fact Sheet for this bill or the text of the entire bill.

Advocacy in Action -- SB088

On May 7th, 2014, the last day of the 2014 Legislative Session, SB14-088 was passed. SB088 will create a Suicide Prevention Commission, forming a public/private partnership to study the problem of suicide in Colorado and to create evidence-based priorities.

This is the second bill in three years which SPCC has been instrumental in passing. Thanks to all of you who have responded to Action Alerts and urged Legislators to support SB088. Successful advocacy reflects a team effort.

Thanks also to Sen. Linda Newell, the primary sponsor of this bill, and to Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp, the House sponsor.

SB088 creates a Suicide Prevention Commission whose members will represent both the public and
private sectors.  Members will have some kind of expertise or experience regarding suicide and suicide prevention including persons who can bring a fresh perspective to this issue. The Commission will play a leadership role and be advisory to the Office of Suicide Prevention (OSP); it will set priorities and establish working subgroups to implement these priorities.  The following is the link to this bill:


Why this bill is important: The Commission will create a forum to generate recommendations regarding improvements and innovations in policies and programs to be presented to the OSP, the Governor’s Office, and the General Assembly. It will promote cooperation and coordination among suicide prevention efforts across the state, and will hopefully increase resources available for suicide prevention efforts. SPCC will be represented on this Commission.

SPCC Advocacy Toolkit

The SPCC Handbook for Community Advocacy helps make advocating for suicide prevention easy. Please use it and share it with your colleagues and peers.

SPPC Advocacy Webinar

SPCC and Advocacy at the Capitol in 2014: Learn about current legislative initiatives that are important to the suicide prevention community and how to be effective as a citizen lobbyist.

There was a webinar that addressed these topics on Friday, January 24th, 2015 at 2 pm. In case you missed the WebEx webinar meeting or want to hear it again, you have two options below:

Streaming Recorded Link

Recording File Link for Download

We have also attached copies of the following:

  • Learn about the legislative process
  • Become an effective grassroots advocate
  • Understand how to use a Legislative Alert
  • Review SPCC’s two legislative priorities for 2014

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